Welcome Home…

I can’t stop listening to my video of Adam Collett singing to us last Friday night. I am grateful in every cell of my skin, in the deepest heartlightsource of me.
Adam, I can’t believe that you are gone again from us, flying through our dark skies back to your Australia. My heart aches listening to the tenderness of your voice; I stretch wide with longing as your melodies strum through that room.
Thank you for coming, thank you for singing, thank you for playing, thank you for staying. Stay always.



Adam Ahuja @ Jungle Crush, November 23, 2012

After an evening of reunion and revel at Jungle Crush, the Huj sang us the sweetest mindblowing lullabies…


DC dances, part 1: DC + Steph + Sri

This might have been the first video I shot on my camera. I’d been asking DC to dance for me, his epic dance skills wanted to be on camera… That night we were coming home after a really sweet night with the Tribe, some upscale psy-trance party had asked us to create a chill space with a huge altar, so we did. Everyone at the party wanted to come hang out with us. We were making headbands for the first ever meditation flash mob in NYC the next day. It was an epic evening.

Afterwards, the four of us traveled home together, and as we exited Atlantic Terminal around 3am we spontaneously decided to do a film shoot right there in the subway. Everything was impromptu, and everybody went for it.

When DC died a few months later, I shared this with Steph, and now we’re ready to share it with you. How blessed we were, how blessed we are.


DC…we love you so much…

Rainbow Bridge on the way to Rainbow Gathering

After about 5 days straight in the Winnebago last June, me and nine of my favorite people on the planet arrived in Washington State, crossing the “Bridge of the Gods” as we entered Rainbow Land.

It was a spectacular site, and our elation was unparalleled.

Let’s go back. This year, Tennessee!

Yoga Soundscape: Becoming…a Time Lapse

For five years, the gorgeous and insightful Aarona Pichinson has been teaching a very special yoga class, found these days every Friday night at Kula Yoga in Tribeca. This class is special not only because of her transcendental approach to yoga (heart opening, body strengthening, boundary dissolving) but also because she curates the most amazing musicians that come through New York City to play live during the yoga class.

Her thoughtful and rich collaboration with these artists over five years of Fridays recently manifested an even more extraordinary yoga class with the live performance of seven world class musicians and the stunning visuals of Kurt Ritta (aka VJ Krunch). I was honored to be in the room with these amazing artists and the 120 yogis that came to practice with them last Sunday night.

Aarona’s vision relentlessly brings together the best of what NYC yoga has to offer, and (I predict) will soon manifest Yoga Soundscape in multi-sensory style as a permanent installation somewhere, the Cirque du Soleil of yoga classes. Huge shout outs to Shane Shanahan, Joshua Geisler, Hannah Thiem, Srikala, Raymond Sicam, Tyler Sussman, and Shivani St. George whose epic sounds matched Kurt’s visuals and Aarona’s voice for two hours with perfectly harmonious vibrations, breaking open my heart and getting my body moving (behind the camera!) with their beautiful offering.

This time lapse is a taste of the two hour class, with a glimmering taste of the sound from the night provided by Srikala.


Trevor Hall’s Lime Tree @ The Mercury Lounge

When I first heard Trevor Hall’s music nearly two years ago, it was like I had been given something I hadn’t realized I was missing.  This music felt like it had been made just for me, the melodies, the rock and roll, the devotion: his songs crept into my heart and built a house there. Inspired by recent and upcoming events, I wanted to share this small moment from an amazing batch of footage from an even more amazing performance by our beloved Trevor.  His humility, sincerity, and generosity as a performer created the most high vibration concert I’ve seen yet that night at the Mercury Lounge.  Everyone in the room was grinning, excited, dancing, singing along all together, even to the songs from his most recent album which had been released just two weeks before.  I literally felt my cells vibrating at their most purified state of rest and wellbeing.  There was a sort of energetic hum in the room, connecting us all, getting us all uplifted together.

Thank you, Trevor.  I can’t wait for more.


Srikala and Ana’di – Neohumanism

On October 15 and 16, 2011, City Life Wellness hosted the Harvest Hoedown next door in the Meeker Avenue Flea Market. This event inspired the epic Dream Events that followed on 11-11-11 and New Years Eve 2012, but the Hoedown itself was more of a private party for our nearest and dearest friends.

It was an amazing time for Srikala and Ana’di’s performance, just after the release of their album Sacred Hip Hop which features live audio from OWS. We were all coming from Occupy in one way or another, either meditating there in the afternoon or marching on Times Square earlier that evening. We were growing and expanding so much, more than we ever had before, feeling our togetherness, realizing our potential.

Special thanks to everyone for dancing and to Adam Ahuja for drumming like a crazy awesome man.

download the album Sacred HipHop here.